2021 Expo Vendor Info

Consider sponsoring the League of Railway Women at the LRW 2021 Virtual Annual Conference. If you are a corporate partner, you must take advantage of your free virtual booth! Our annual conference brings together hundreds of women railroaders from Class I to short lines to suppliers and more! Our new conference platform will allow you the opportunity to connect with individuals and groups to power up your rail network.

Be Seen at the LRW Expo with Your Virtual Booth

  • Showcase your video so attendees can learn about your company
  • Related content can be visible when using YouTube or Vimeo
  • Have a call to action so attendees can visit your landing page
  • Engage attendees with a live representative during our designated Virtual Expo hour
  • Use chat, polls, and Q&A to interact with attendees
  • Perfect for recruiting, awareness, and informational content



Virtual Booth Sizes & Pricing

    FREE with Platinum & Gold partnership
    $100 to upgrade from any other partnership tiers
    $500 for non-partners
    FREE with Silver partnership
    $50 to upgrade from any other partnership tiers
    $250 for non-partners
    FREE with Bronze partnership
    $25 to upgrade from any Patron partnership
    $100 for non-partners
  • MINI
    FREE with Patron partnership
    $50 for non-partners

Current Expo Vendors

Thank you for participating as an Expo vendor at the LRW 2021 Virtual Annual Conference. Below are instructions and resources to help you put together an eye-catching and effective virtual booth. For pricing, please contact our Membership Chair at membership@railwaywomen.org.

Content To Provide LRW

  • Vendor Name (required): Your company’s name
  • Vendor Email (required): Contact email address
  • Vendor Headline (required): A short impactful description of the company. For example, “The best rail provider.” Maximum 40-195 characters, depending on the booth’s size. For detailed guidelines see Hopin Maximum Character Limits
  • About (required): Short information about the vendor, 700 characters maximum.
  • Content Provider and a link to the content (required): Decide the type of content for your booth. You can choose between a YouTube/Vimeo/Wistia video, Google Slides presentation or Session (recommended). In the Hopin Expo Tutorial you will find thorough descriptions and tips for all content providers.
    • Sessions will let you present live in your booth.
    • You may toggle between a live session and pre-recorded video or slides when you choose the Sessions option.
  • Button Text and Action (required): Action can be either Register interest (sends attendee emails to the vendor email on click) or Link to website (opens any website or external resource for downloading more content from the vendor). Button text is a short call to action (maximum 50 characters).
  • Booth Size and Priority (required): Expo booths can have different sizes and are ordered according to their priority. Below are the booth sizes for each corporate partner type. If you want to upgrade to a bigger booth size, please cp,[.
  • Logo (required): Use .png, .jpg, .jpeg or .gif file extensions, 2Mb maximum. Make sure all important information is center-aligned. See more on Hopin image dimensions.
  • Background Image (required for Small, Medium and Large booths): Check the Hopin Image Size and Gif File Dimensions to ensure the image you are uploading is correct for your booth’s size.
  • Social links: Links to your Website, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts.
  • Offer (discounts/promotions): You can include a special promotion for booth visitors here. (For example, “10% discount for all event attendees using code #Happyevent”)
  • Twitter Feed: Give us the Twitter handle so your Twitter feed can be displayed in your booth.
  • Additional information: You can add description, embed widgets, provide file downloads and insert deep links here. The Additional Information section will show under the video player.

Submit your virtual booth content to LRW

How To Present & Answer Attendee Questions

  1. We will provide you with your virtual booth link after you confirm your participation and provide us with content.
  2. Make sure you have your virtual booth moderators registered for the conference and signed up with a Hopin profile.
  3. Once moderators have logged in to the Hopin conference platform, we can assign them as moderators to the virtual booth.
  4. Moderators will have access to the booth five minutes before the conference begins.
  5. Moderators can toggle on live sessions to begin their live presentation and toggle it back off to stop their presentation.
  6. For more details and video tutorials, see How to access your booth as a vendor on Hopin.

Example of a virtual booth with Sessions enabled and a pre-recorded video turned on.

Still have a questions? Please contact our Events Committee at events@railwaywomen.org.