LRW Announces Connie Sumara Memorial Scholarship

Washington, DC, May 7, 2014 - The board of directors of the League of Railway Industry Women (LRIW) has voted unanimously to name one of its annual scholarships in memory of former LRIW President Connie Sumara. This year LRIW will award three $3,000 scholarships to the dependent children of LRIW members and LRIW members themselves.

Mrs. Sumara, one of the founders of the organization and its longest-serving president, passed away March 2 following a brief illness. She was a dedicated employee of Chicago Freight Car Leasing Co. (CFCL) for 26 years, beginning her career as office manager and ultimately working her way up to Vice President and Director of Customer Support before retiring in November of 2012.

The LRIW thanks CFCL for helping to make the Connie Sumara Memorial Scholarship possible.

“Connie led by example as she sought opportunities to keep our industry progressing forward, and this was extremely evident in her work to develop and grow the LRIW. This scholarship mirrors that dedication to progress and growth through the opportunity it provides for the recipients, who themselves have set out to lead by example. We can't think of a better way to honor Connie than through a scholarship that recognizes others with her ambition,” stated Fred R. Sasser, CEO of Sasser Family Holdings, parent company of CFCL.

“Connie made significant contributions to the launch and growth of the LRIW and was an active board participant even in retirement,” noted current LRIW President Susan Robertson. “We wanted her legacy to live on and thought the scholarship to an LRIW member seeking higher education and training or a college student would be a great way to accomplish that.”


About the League of Railway Industry Women

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