2021 Annual Conference Speaker Info

Thank you for participating as a speaker, panelist, or host at the LRW 2021 Virtual Annual Conference. Below are instructions and resources to help you prepare for your professional speaking opportunity.
If after viewing this page you have any questions, please contact our Events Committee at events@railwaywomen.org.

Getting on the Stage with Hopin

  1. Get the stage link from LRW event coordinators so you can be invited into the backstage
  2. Review the tutorial How to Use StreamYard Backstage with Hopin to learn how to present
  3. More details to come on speaker coordination

PowerPoint Presentation Template

Presenters must review the code of conduct, antitrust statement, and housekeeping notes at the beginning of the session. When you run your session live, it is important that you run your PowerPoint in Reading View.

Click here to download the LRW 2021 Virtual Annual Conference PPT Template


When to Use Presentations

  1. Each session must have one presentation prepared to introduce, set expectations, and conclude the session.
  2. Individual speakers are responsible for providing content on their presentation. If they use the template provided, only one presentation is required for the session. Otherwise, a presentation using the LRW template must be used to introduce the session at a minimum.
  3. Panelists are not required to create a presentation for their sessions. This will be taken care of and presented by the primary organizer unless a panelist wants to present specific content. They must submit their content ahead of time to their primary organizer to add to the presentation.
  4. Provide us with any video, media, polls/surveys, or handouts in advance so that we can load them into GoToWebinar and make sure we have the best experience

Before Your Session

All sessions will be held in our new conference platform Hopin, please use the guidelines below to ensure you're prepared for a professional online speaking opportunity.
  1. Well before the conference, please run a Hopin Pre-Event Check in advance.
  2. When running Hopin, please have a hardwire (Ethernet) connection to your internet. If that is not possible and you must use a Wi-Fi connection, sit near the router and turn other wi-fi devices on airplane mode.
  3. Use the recommended browsers only: Chrome or Firefox (latest versions)
  4. Sit in a clean, professional space that is not distracting to viewers. This can be a home office or even your living room, but make sure that what is behind you is not going be disruptive.
  5. It is important that people can see your face well, so sit in a well-lit room with good lighting. Do not sit with your back to a window or you will appear dark.
  6. Use a microphone that works well so people can hear you speaking clearly. Do a mic and sound check in advance. Follow these troubleshooting tips if you're having issues.
  7. Go on MUTE any time you are not speaking to keep the background noise to a minimum.

Practice Session

  1. Use the link that was sent in the invite to access your session.
  2. Have the final version of the PowerPoint ready for the practice session. Make sure the PowerPoint presentation is in ‘reader view’ and not in ‘protected’ view.
  3. Each session will always have two LRW event coordinators:
    1. Primary Organizer
      • Starts the practice sessions and broadcast
      • Introduces the guest host, speakers, and panelists
      • Coordinates the flow of the webinar and ensures that transitions go smoothly
      • Concludes the session with an end message and stops the broadcast
    2. Support Organizer
      • Monitors and relays questions from the audience to the primary organizer and host
      • Helps resolve any technical issues
      • Fills in for the primary organizer if they get disconnected
    3. Backup Organizer
      • Fills in for the support organizer if they get disconnected
  4. Practice transferring presenter rights to your host so they can display the materials on their desktop if needed.
  5. Practice the flow of the session, including introductions, topics, polls or surveys, and Q&A at the end. Review the introduction and concluding script so you know what to expect.

On The Day of Your Session

  1. Use the same link you used in the practice session that was sent in the invite.
  2. Be prepared to join the live event 30 minutes prior to the start. This ensures you have time to test and troubleshoot.
  3. Have the final version of the PowerPoint ready and in in ‘reader view’ and not in ‘protected’ view.
  4. During your 30 minutes, practice transferring presenter rights to your host so they can display the materials on their desktop if needed.
  5. Do a final practice so the session flows well, including introductions, topics, polls or surveys, and Q&A at the end. View the introduction and concluding script here.