Rio Tinto's AutoHaul - The World's First Fully Autonomous Train

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Rio Tinto’s AutoHaul® system, is the first fully autonomous heavy haul railway system in the world. Trains up to 2.5km long can travel autonomously around Rio Tinto’s rail network, without a driver on board. Trains depart from one of two coastal ports and travel up to 500km to 15 mines, where they are loaded with over 25 thousand tonnes of ore and returned to the port, autonomously.

The attendees will learn how this technology has delivered impressive results, with average round-trip speed improvements of approximately 6%, as well as additional benefits due to the removal of three driver changeovers, plus the safety benefits associated with removing over 1.5 million kilometres p.a. of light vehicle travel previously required by Train Drivers to meet trains.

AutoHaul® also holds the 2020 Guinness World Record for the heaviest Robot. 

Watch on YouTube: World first delivery of iron ore with world's largest robot

General Event Details

  • Date: September 19, 2023

  • Time: 9:30am - 10:30am EDT / 9:30pm - 10:30pm AWST (GMT +8)

  • Location: Zoom Webinar


  • Carmela Mucchiolo - Superintendent of Testing and Deployment, Rail Engineering & Strategy, Rio Tinto

Carmela has been in the Rail industry for over 13 years with extensive experience working on complex railway projects in both passenger (Italy) and heavy-haul freight applications (Western Australia). Carmela started working on the AutoHaul® Project in 2013 during the early development phase and she is now the Superintendent Testing and Deployment for the Rail Engineering & Strategy Team. As part of her current role, Carmela manages the testing activities, logistics and execution of the AutoHaul® Software enhancements. Carmela aims to continue developing personally and professionally as an Engineer and as a Leader. As a way of passing on her passion and experience in Rail she has also became a mentor for the Australian Railway Association -Women in Rail Mentoring Program.

  • Jessica Mitchell - Graduate Control System Engineer, Rail Engineering & Strategy, Rio Tinto


    Jessica joined the Rail Engineering & Strategy Division at the beginning of this year and she is now focusing on the enhancement of the Cyber Security aspect of the AutoHaul® System, together with the improvement of the overall Communications structure which is vital to the Operations of trains in the rural Pilbara Region in Western Australia. 


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