Corporate Partnerships

Diversity and inclusion provide a great opportunity to strengthen companies, improve employee performance and productivity, increase competitiveness, and drive up corporate value. We hope you'll consider joining our growing list of corporate partners.

What is the partnership value?
Partnering with LRW allows you to reach the talented women of our membership helping you to:

  • Access a pool of highly talented professionals for recruitment.
  • Provide networking opportunities with rail industry experts in all rail-related sectors including railroads, suppliers, associations, lessors, government, and consultants.
  • Hire diverse talent to expand your company’s success in today’s multicultural marketplace.
  • Seek retention and development assistance for your employees through LRW programs that are educational and that can enhance professional growth.
  • Find opportunities to promote your company’s workplace diversity image by participating in LRW’s events, excursions and webinars.
What is the investment value?
Corporate Partnership Dues Structure
$125 Patron - Includes 2 Individual Memberships
$550 Bronze - Includes 12 Individual Memberships
$1100 Silver - Includes 30 Individual Memberships
$2500 Gold - Includes 40 Individual Memberships
>$5500 Platinum - Unlimited Individual Memberships 

For a full description of our corporate partnership program, please contact our Membership Chair at

How Can I Join?
We welcome all rail-related companies to join our corporate support team. If you would like more information or to see all benefits of our corporate partnership program, please contact  

How much are membership dues?

Corporate Partner dues are paid on a "rolling" basis.  Dues will renew one year from the date you sign up for membership.  LRW dues are non-refundable.

 STOP!  Please use the link below to confirm your company does not already have an account
           with us before beginning the application.

  How Can I Sign Up Under My Company's Existing Corporate Partnership Account? 

If your company has confirmed they already have a corporate partnership with us, you can sign up under their account by clicking on the link provided here: 'Click here' to find your company and join as a member under a current Corporate Partner account.

If you have questions regarding the process to sign up, please contact