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Offering our members educational opportunities through webinars is a priority for LRW. We are continuing our Railroading 101 (RR101) series that focuses on broadening industry knowledge. In 2020, we also plan to add webinars on leadership and career development. We encourage you to review our line up and join us on our learning journey.

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  • Construye tu Marca en Redes Sociales [04-09-2024]

Las asistentes aprenderán por qué construir una marca personal es crucial para tu éxito personal y profesional. Aprenda a identificar y construir tu marca y cómo utilizar LinkedIn y otras herramientas digitales para potencializar tu marca. 
Speaker: Diana de la Vega, Director,  Buro de Comercialización en Comunicación
Moderator: Linda Hernandez, CPKC
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  • WOY Interview with Kari Gonzales [03-04-2024]
    • An insightful interview with the 2023 Woman of the Year award winner Kari Gonzales, president and CEO of MxV Rail. 
      Kari shared her personal journey into the rail industry, emphasizing the importance of finding something you enjoy in your career. She also discussed the challenges she faced, particularly handling difficult situations, and her approach to managing work and personal life. The conversation also emphasized the importance of promoting and cultivating women within the rail industry, highlighting the benefits of diverse perspectives in decision-making.
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  • Rio Tinto's AutoHaul - The World's First Fully Autonomous Train [09-19-2023]
    • Rio Tinto’s AutoHaul® system, is the first fully autonomous heavy haul railway system in the world. Trains up to 2.5km long can travel autonomously around Rio Tinto’s rail network, without a driver on board. Trains depart from one of two coastal ports and travel up to 500km to 15 mines, where they are loaded with over 25 thousand tonnes of ore and returned to the port, autonomously.

      The attendees will learn how this technology has delivered impressive results, with average round-trip speed improvements of approximately 6%. Additionally, there are extra benefits resulting from the elimination of three driver changeovers. Furthermore, there are safety advantages linked to the removal of over 1.5 million kilometers per annum of light vehicle travel that Train Drivers previously needed to undertake to meet train requirements.

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  • The Rail Industry in Mexico [05-09-2023]
    • From ambitious projects like Tren Maya to the recent formation of CPKC creating North America’s first single-line railroad spanning from Canada to Mexico, the rail industry in Mexico is experiencing an exciting period of growth and transformation. Learn more about what’s next for rail in Mexico and the part women play in its future. As North America’s railway systems and partnerships continue to become more closely connected, a better understanding of the industry in Mexico can help position you and your organization for greater success.

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  • All Aboard!  Next Stop: Gender Diversity & Safety Culture on the Track [04-26-2023]
    • We hope you will join us to gain greater insight into where we stand as an industry when it comes to gender diversity, and insight into current implications and future actions to grow the representation of women in the rail industry.  Women have been historically underrepresented in both craft and management positions in the U.S. rail industry. Identified as one of the industry’s top workforce challenges, the study we will cover provides a more detailed view of gender diversity in rail transportation, and how factors such as gender and management status interact to affect perceptions of safety culture in a sample of U.S. short line and regional railroads.  The results suggested that women tended to be older than men, have more education, and were more likely to be employed at larger organizations. Despite being employed in the railroad industry for fewer years than men, women were also more likely to be managers. With regard to safety culture, managers had more positive perceptions than craft employees, and female craft employees had more positive perceptions than male craft employees. Implications for the industry and avenues for future research and implementation are discussed.
    • Speaker bios and session information: here.
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Career Center Webinar Series, Session 4: How to make a resume for a railroad position (& cover letter) [05-11-2022]
    • Are you thinking of getting into the rail industry? Or are you already a stalwart railroader with aspirations of climbing the corporate ladder? Or perhaps, you'd just like to refocus your resume and cover letter to include terminology rail industry companies are looking for? Then get on board, friend! This train is crewed by an all-star lineup of rail industry professionals who'll help you couple your resume to some exciting new rail industry job opportunities! 
    • Speaker bios and session information:
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  • Career Center Webinar Series, Session 3: What Happens If You Don't Get The Job? [05-05-2022]
    • What happens if you don't get the job? We'll be covering strategies to help you rebound from rejection and keep moving forward! Our panel of rail industry experts will speak to the reasons why people don't always get the job and the dos and don'ts following an unsuccessful competition. They'll also be answering your questions during this live session!
    • Speaker bios and session information:
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  • Career Center Webinar Series, Session 2: Interviews [04-28-2022]
    • What can you do to better prepare for a rail industry job interview? What are some typical behavioral-based questions hiring agencies ask? How can you better prepare for technical questions? How can you weave LEAN principles and other industry trends into your responses? 
    • Speaker bios and session information:
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  • ​Career Center Webinar Series, Session 1: Applying for Railway Jobs [04-21-2022]
    • Do you have questions about getting into the rail industry? Are you an experienced railroader looking to make a career change? Are you a recent graduate or student looking for management trainee or internship positions?
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  • Meet the Author [08/19/2021]
  • RR101-8 [06/22/2021]: Intro to Track, featuring Jim Violin, Director of Business Development, Platinum Track Services, Inc., and Lucas Frahm, Engineering Manager, NARSTCO, Inc.. This session covers hammering spikes, counting ties and measuring gauge! 
  • RR101-7 [05/19/2021]: Intro to Engineering Design, featuring Eseohe J. Ikhureigbe, Rail Systems Design, Hatch LTK and Dave Smith, Regional Director, Rail Systems, Heavy Rail, Hatch LTK. ​What is engineering design and why is it important? Whether you're interested in track, signals, structures, or operations, join us for this introductory session and learn about engineering design from concept to completion, the design review process, how to read engineering plans and more!
  • Executive Women in Rail: Beginning the Journey - A Conversation About Gender and Race in the Workplace [04/21/2021]: Join us on April 21 at 1:00 p.m. ET as we continue our discussion about inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility (IDEA) and the role it plays in improving every aspect of the rail industry.
    • Speaker bios and session information:
    • This session was not recorded to help facilitate a safe and honest dialogue.
  • How to Be More Resilient in Life, Leadership and Business [03/03/2021]: Join Kerry Siggins, CEO of StoneAge, Inc., as she shares her journey of building resiliency, on Wednesday, March 3 at 1 pm ET. From overcoming addiction to becoming CEO of an industrial manufacturing company at the age of 29, to weathering two economic downturns, Kerry will provide insight and takeaways on how you, too, can build resiliency and bounce back from anything.​
  • RR 101-6 [11/17/2020]: Intro to Rail Signaling, featuring Fred Toshack, Deputy Program Manager – Systems Engineering, Gannett Fleming and Steven Leonardo, Director of Operations – Signals, PNR RailWorks Inc. Join Fred and Steven on a journey into railway signals! Learn about basic railway signaling terminology, principles, functionality and operational impacts. Understand what signaling looks like from the viewpoint of a manufacturer, designer (engineer), constructor, owner and maintainer. Appreciate why the relationship between signals and track can sometimes be exacting.  
  • RR 101-5 [08/18/2020]: Intro to Rail Surveying, featuring Chuck Szovati, Senior Manager Engineering, Amtrak and Thomas Davis, Linear Asset Management, CP. Chuck and Thomas will be sharing their extensive knowledge of this dynamic and monumental profession. Join us to learn about mapping, field layouts, survey terminology, technology, and more! 
  • Executive Women in Rail: A Journey to the C-Suite - A Conversation About IDEAs (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility) [08/05/2020]: Join the League of Railway Women for an impactful conversation with high ranking women in rail on how we can work together to build an inclusive, diverse, equitable and accessible industry that attracts and retains top talent from the factory floor to the C-Suite.
    • Speaker bios and session information:
    • This session was not recorded to help facilitate a safe and honest dialogue.
  • Career Impacts of COVID [06/09/2020]: The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected industries and job markets around the globe. Hear from our career-focused industry experts about how these unprecedented times have affected the railway industry. Panelists include: Maria Waddy, Transportation Industry Professional; Sue Marines, Vice President Global Talent, GATX (LRW Silver Corporate Partner)Dina Maleski, Talent Acquisition Manager, Holland, L.P. (LRW Silver Corporate Partner) and, Anabelle Cormier, Vice President Business Development, Stahl Recruiting (LRW Bronze Corporate Partner).
  • Coping with COVID [05/13/2020]: The world has changed and continues to change as we all learn and adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our panel of peers and experts from across the industry, include Maria Waddy, Transportation Industry Professional; Amanda Trainor Patrick, VP Trade Shows & Board Relations, Railway Supply Institute (LRW Silver Corporate Partner), President, League of Railway Women; Pam Arpin, AVP Customer and Corporate Services, CP (LRW Platinum Corporate Partner); Summer Blasquez, Director, Commercial Pricing & Contracts Administration, The Greenbrier Companies (LRW Bronze Corporate Partner); and, Dr. Renee Simons, Clinical Psychologist, Edgewood Pediatric Services.
    • Speaker bios and session information:
    • LRW members can view the session here.
  • RR 101-4 [12/19/2019]: Rail Infrastructure Systems, featuring Shawn Vecellio - AVP of Engineering, Kansas City Southern
    • LRW members can view the session here.
  • RR 101-3 [07/10/2019]: Precision Scheduled Railroading, presented by Tina Sheaves, General Manager, Network Intermodal Operations at Canadian Pacific (CP) (LRW Platinum Corporate Partner). 
    • LRW members can view the session here.
  • RR 101-2 [04/03/2019]: Mechanical Systems, presented by Kim Bowling, Director Advanced Engineering at CSX Transportation.
    • LRW members can view the session here
  • RR 101-1 [11/28/2018]: U.S. Freight Railroads & the U.S. Economy, presented by Luisa Fernandez-Wiley, Senior Economist, Association of American Railroads and LRW Membership Chair.
    • LRW members can view the session here.
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